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DC Signal Input, 0.56" Digit Height,
3 Digits, LED Digital Panel Meters

Low-cost, easy-to-install 3 digit LED digital panel meters for DC voltage & current.


Green 0.56" LED

Red 0.56" LED
  • Shallow depth < 1 "
  • Low power consumption
  • Red or green LED display
  • Large digits (0.56"/14.2 mm)
  • User-selectable decimal point.
  • Differential input
  • Auto zero
  • Over-range indication & protection
  • OEM custom inputs, packaging & features


Attractive bezel included

  DC Voltage Ranges   199.9 mV, 1.999 V, 19.99 V
  Number of Digits
  Display Type
  Low Battery Indication
  Digit Height
  Signal Polarity
  Overload Indication
  Decimal Point
  3 (1999 counts)
  7-segment LED, red or green
  "BAT" for < 7.2 V (on 9 V model only)
  0.56" (14.2 mm)
  Automatic, minus sign displayed
  Three lower order digits blank for > 1999 counts
  Three positions, selectable
  Electrical Performance
  Conversion Rate
  Normal Mode Rejection
  Common Mode Rejection
  Common Mode Range
  Overload Protection
  Warm-up time
  0.1% 2 counts
  3 readings / second
  30 dB @ 60 Hz
  > 86 dB
  1 V DC
  10 V DC for 200 mV range; 350 V DC for 2 V & 20 V ranges
  + 5 V DC 5% at 200 mA
  10 minutes (typical)
  Operating Temperature
  Storage Temperature
  0 to 50C
  -10 to 60C
  External Bezel Dimensions
  Panel Cutout
  Bezel mounting kit included
  2.52" x 1.10" (64.1 x 27.9 mm)
  1.98" x 0.75" (50.3 x 19.0 mm)

Ordering Information

      Summit Series model numbers & pricing


Bezel Mount Panel Cutout


Electrical Connections


Rear Terminal Description
 Positive DPM power supply
 Negative DPM power supply
 Positive input signal
 Negative input signal
 Decimal point return
 10:1 range
 Hold last reading
 No connection (12-pin DPMs only)
Front Tap Red Backlight Green Backlight
 Positive (+)
 Negative (-)
 Negative (-)
 Positive (+)


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