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    Micro Series 1/8 DIN Case
For Micro Series Digital Panel Meters, Counters & Remote Displays


  • Meets 1/8 DIN Standard.
  • Installable from the front of the panel.
  • Short depth behind the panel: only 4" 
    (102 mm) plus connectors.
  • Understated 0.157" (4 mm) thick bezel.
  • Meets NEMA-4X (IP-65) for high-pressure washdown when panel mounted.
  • Screw clamps connectors meet VDE / IEC / UL / CSA safety standards.
  • Rugged GE Lexan® housing material.
  • Safety certified per UL 3101-1 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 1010.1-92.

Rear view showing safety-rated screw-clamp connectors ( standard).


Mechanical specifications of Laureate digital panel meters and electronic counters

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