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    Micro Series Datalogging Software
Create a datalogging system using Micro Series panel instruments

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Micro Series datalogging software turns a PC connected to up to 31 Micro instruments into a powerful, low-cost datalogging system. The Micro Instruments can be any mix of digital panel meters, counters and timers.

Data can be displayed on the computer screen in the form of up to 64 simulated panel meters in 4 groups (or screens) of up to 16 meters each. The on-screen simulated meters can show the readings and alarm indications of selected actual meters, or show values other than those normally displayed by meters, such as peak value. They can also show calculated parameters or weighted averages that combine data from multiple meters. For example, a virtual meter can display watts, obtained by multiplying the current reading from one meter and the voltage reading from another meter. Available operands are multiply, divide, add, and subtract, with parentheses to allow complex expressions. A virtual meter can also totalize analog readings over time, for example to display kilowatt-hours from watts, or totalized volume from flow rate. The on-screen position and appearance of individual meters is user selectable to achieve meaningful groupings.

Data can be logged from selected meters into an ASCII file, which is easily imported into MS Excel for graphing and analysis. User settable parameters include the logging time interval in seconds, the separator character (normally a comma), and header data (with or without time and date). Data files can be password protected.


Up to 31 Laureates can be connected to the PC in addressable multidrop fashion using using a single RS485 line. Each Micro must be equipped with an RS485 board. A single Micro can be connected to a PC using an RS232 line. That Micro must be equipped with an RS232 board.

The computer must be PC compatible, operate under MS Windows 95 or higher, and have an available COM1 or COM2 serial port.

Software Installation

Micro Datalogging Software can be downloaded from this website at now charge. Click here to download the file gen_log4_0_3.exe. To install, double-click on the file and follow the on-screen directions.

The free download version allows operation in the Demo Mode, which provides a good indication of the capabilities of the software. Connection to actual instruments requires a 12-digit activation code, which will be emailed by Electro-Numerics upon payment of $150. This code must be installed within 10 days of issue. If a purchased code has expired because it was not installed within 10 days, please contact Electro-Numerics, and a new code will be issued at no charge.

Sample Screens

Click on any of the reduced screens for a full-size screen view, then click on the Back button of your browser to return to this page.

Common Setup Screen for Simulated Meters
This screen allows selection of the number of meters per group (up to 4 groups), default meter colors, and default font size for meter captions.
Meter Setup for Groups 1 & 2
This screen allows for setup of I.D., Caption, Type, Serial Address, and Item Number for each meter. The Type can be DPM, Counter, Weight Meter, or Virtual Meter. For a weight meter, the Item Number to be displayed can be Net, Gross, or Peak. For Hardware (or actual) meters, Setpoint 1, Setpoint 2, and Decimal Point can be entered. For Virtual meters, a formula is entered.
Screen Setup for Group 1
This screen provides for the spatial layout of the meter to be displayed for Group 1. Right-clicking on any meter brings up a window with allows selection of font size and color scheme for that meter. In the example show, Meter 4 has a green and yellow custom color scheme.
Datalogging Setup Screen
This screen specifies the Com Port (1 or 2) and Baud Rate (300 to 19200). It also allows individual meters to be selected for datalogging.
Datalogging Start Screen
This screen allows final setup before running. The Display Interval and Datalogging Interval can be individually set in seconds. The Data Separator (normally a comma) can be reset. Selectable parameters are a Header Record, and for each data record, a Time Stamp, Date Stamp, Alarm Data, and Zero Suppression.
Datalogging Run Screen for Group 1
The display is updated for each meter in real time, including any alarm indications, while data is also written to disk. Similar screens are available for Groups 2-4.
Typical Help Screen
Pressing on Help on the top menu bar brings comprehensive help screens, avoiding the need for a printed manual for the Datalogging Software. The screen to the left is for the Demo Mode, which does not require a connection to actual meters.

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