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    Micro Series 1/8 DIN
Digital Panel Meters, Counters,
Timers & Remote Displays

5 or 6 Digits, Choice of 3 Digit Heights

Programmable meters with a wide choice of analog and digital I/O cards for measurement, control, and remote display. Standard digit height of 0.56". Also available as large digit displays with 1" digits or 5" digits.


Micro-C 6-digit counter in 1/8 DIN case

Micro-C 6-digit counter in 1/8 DIN case.

Highlights, Models Micro-P & Micro-C

  • The state of the art in programmable digital panel meters, counters, timers, and serially driven remote displays.
  • Wide choice of signal conditioners for analog and digital inputs.
  • Wide choice of outputs for control, alarm and data communications.
  • Exceptional performance for 5-digit digital panel meters:
    High speed (60 readings / sec) with 99.99% accuracy for DC signals.
  • Exceptional performance for 6-digit digital counters and rate meters:
    High speed (up to 25 readings / sec) with 6-digit resolution for frequency or rate.
  • Exceptional performance for serially-driven remote displays:
    with RS485, up to 31 remotes addressable on on data line, each with optional local analog and setpoint outputs.
  • All DPM and counter ranges user-selectable and factory calibrated.
  • Universal 95-240 Vac 10% power supply standard, low voltage AC or DC power supply optional.
  • Easy setup and scaling.
  • Available in 1/8 DIN case panel meter size with bright red or green 0.56" high LED digits.
  • Also available in large-digit versions for long-distance viewing: 1" digits (Mighty-1), 5" digits (Mighty-5).
  • Two-year warranty.


Micro Series digital panel meters, counters, timers and serially-driven remote displays are an exceptional value by providing high performance at minimum cost, as made possible by state-of-the-art circuit design and firmware. Modular design and a wide range of plug-in options allow the Micro Series to be configured for a wide range of applications from simple measurement to control and communications as part of a data network.

Micro Series base models, as featured in this web page, provide 0.56" high red or green LED digits, and are housed in a standard 1/8 DIN size panel-mount case (48 x 96 mm panel cutout). All power and signal connections are via push-in screw-clamp connectors.

Large-Digit models using the same signal conditioning boards, I/O boards, and firmware, are also available for viewing across a plant floor or outdoor yard: 1" digits (Mighty-1) and 5" digits (Mighty-5). The Mighty-5 features sunlight-readable, ultra-bright LED digits, plus a NEMA-4X housing which can be installed outdoors in any weather.

The minimum hardware modules of a Micro Series instrument or remote display are a power supply, display subsystem, signal conditioner board, and microcomputer board. Different microcomputers boards are used depending on the application (DPM or counter, standard or extended). Three slots are provided to plug in an optional alarm / setpoint controller board, an analog output board, and a communications board. In combination with firmware and user-programmable selections, these modules provide a rich set of solutions for industrial measurement, display, and control applications:

Micro Series 5-Digit Analog Meters by Application:

Micro Series 6-Digit Counters & Timers by Application:
  • Frequency & Rate MeterTwo independent scalable pulse-input channels from 0 Hz to 1 MHz to display frequency, rate, RPM, or flow rate.
  • Up/Down Totalizer (pulse input)Two independent scalable pulse-input channels count up or down to a preset at rates up to 1 MHz. Ideal for turbine flow meters. Scaled rate and total in same instrument.
  • A+B, A-B, A*B, A/B, A/B-1 Draw MeterArithmetic functions (+, -, /, x) on dual channels A & B. For example, add or subtract rates from two flow meters for combined scaled flow or volume. Display ratio of flow rates, RPM of rollers, or speed of moving belts.
  • Batch Controller (pulse input)A low-cost controller with up to three relays for repetitive fill operations.
  • Batch Controller (analog input)Same capabilities as pulse-input batch controller, but for 0-1 mA, 4-20 mA or 0-10 V process signals.
  • Digital StopwatchTime single-events from 1 s to 99 hours with a timing resolution to 0.2 s, or accumulate multiple events to 999,999 hours.
  • Time Interval MeterTime periodic events from 1 s to 199.99 s over a programmed gate time up to 199.99 s with a timing resolution to 0.2 s.
  • Phase Angle Meter20 updates per second for low frequencies, such as AC line frequency. A resolution of 1, 0.1 or 0.01 is user-selectable.
  • Duty Cycle MeterDisplays ON or OFF period as a percentage of total period over a programmed gate time from 10 ms to 199.99 s.
  • Quadrature Meter:  Scalable position or rate from quadrature shaft encoder signals.
Micro Series 6-Digit Serially-Driven Remote Displays:
  • Serially Driven 6-Digit Remote Display: RS232 interface for point-to-point communications, or RS485 for up to 31 addressable displays on same data line. Each remote can provide independent setpoint control and an analog output tied to the display.

Micro & Mighty Series Options:

Micro & Mighty Series Download Files:

Typical Specifications
(applicable to Micro Series with 0.56" digits and 1/8 DIN case)

  Digit height
  Number of digits
  LED indicators
  7-segment, bright LED digits, red or green.
  0.56" (14.2 mm)
  -99,999 (digital panel meters for analog signals)
  -999,999 (counters, timers, analog totalizers, remote displays)
  -999,990 (scale / weigh meter with dummy zero)
  Minus sign, 2 setpoints, selectable decimal points
  Conversion (DPMs)
  A-to-D rate
  Display update rate
  Dual slope
  0.1% of full scale 1 count (typ., DC signals)
  60/sec at 60 Hz, 50/sec at 50 Hz
  3.5/sec at 60 Hz, 3/sec at 50 Hz
  Conversion (frequency, rate)
  Frequency range
  Display update rate, max
  Inverse period
  0 to 1 MHz
  1 ppm / C
  30 ms + 0-2 signal periods
  AC voltage
  DC voltage
  Power consumption
  Transducer excitation
  95-240 Vac 10% standard, 12-34 Vac optional.
  95-370 Vdc standard,
 10-48 Vdc optional.
  3 W (typ.)
  5 Vdc 5%, 100 mA max, 10 Vdc 5%, 120 mA max,
  24 Vdc 5%, 50 mA max
  Enclosure material
  Environmental protection
  Operating temperature
  Storage temperature
  Black polycarbonate
  NEMA-4X from front when panel mounted
  0C to 55C (32F to 131F)
  -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
  Connections (power & data)
  See "Case Dimensions & Mounting" below
  230 g (8 oz) typ.
  Push-in screw clamp connectors at rear of case.


Case Dimensions & Mounting
(applicable to 1/8 DIN case for 0.56" digits)

Mechanical specifications of Laureate digital panel meters and electronic counters


Micro & Mighty Series Downloads

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