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    468 Series "Flip-Digit"
Count Down Timers

4" & 6" Digit Height, 4 Digits

Readable over long distances indoors or outdoors in bright sunlight.



  • Large 4" or 6" Digits
  • Readable to 240 Feet (6" Digits)
  • Down Timers (Hrs:Min or Min:Sec)
  • Programmable with Repeat Function
  • Start/Stop and Clear Inputs
  • Sealed Surface Mount Case
  • Conduit Box Connections
  • 115 Vac Power
  • 18Month Warranty


  • Sonic Alarm Output
  • Relay Output
  • Low Temperature Operation
  • 230 Vac or 12 Vdc Power


These Programmable Count Down Timers feature a 4-digit, 99:59 display with 4" or 6" tall flip digits and microprocessor electronics. They are ideal for viewing elapsed time interval over a long distance. Applications include process timing, time and motion studies, worker productivity training, and sports timing. The timers may be ordered to display in Hrs:Min or Min:Sec.

Exceptional count viewing distance, even outdoors in bright sunlight, is achieved by the 4" or 6" tall fluorescent yellow, electromagnetic flip digits. A sealed surface mount case provides protection for installation in dirty or damp environments. Please see our Mechanical Section for dimensions.

A keypad mounted on the side of the housing allows presetting a time, repeating the time, and start/stop operation. The keypad also provides a DIN connector to accept optional remote accessories: a Remote Control for Start/Stop, Clear, and Repeat functions, or a Remote Keypad which duplicates all functions of the main keypad.

Options include 230 Vac or 12 Vdc power in lieu of 115 Vac power, a Sonic Alarm and a Relay Output, which actuate when times reaches 00:00.

An 18-Month Warranty is standard.


  Display Configuration
  Model   Digit Height   Display
  99:59 (Hrs:Min)
  99:59 (Hrs:Min)
  99:59 (Min:Sec)
  99:59 (Min:Sec)
  Control Inputs (via display-mounted keypad)
  Key(s)   Function
  0 thru 9   Numeric preset time entry
  Start/Stop   Start or re-start the timing sequence
  Start/Stop   Stop or time-out the timing sequence
  R   Preset a count-down time
  R   Repeat a preset time
  C   Clear timing sequence to 00:00 (retains preset)
  Maximum Error at 25C   0.001% of timing interval
  Type   7-segment, fluorescent yellow, electromagnetic
  Height   4" or 6"
  Zero Indications   00:00
  Leading Zero Blanking   Standard
  Drive Technique   Microprocessor electronics
  AC Voltage   115 or 230 Vac 15%, 50/60 Hz
  DC Voltage   12 Vdc, 10%
  Power Consumption   200 W peak while flipping digits
  Operating Temperature   0 to +66C, -32 to +66C with T option
  Storage Temperature   -40 to +85C
  Relative Humidity   95% at 40C, non-condensing
  Protection   Case sealed against dust and moisture
  Dimensions   See Mechanical Section
  Weight   8.5 lb (3.9 kg), 4" digits
  12.5 lb (5.7 kg), 6" digits
  Case Material   Black painted aluminum, ABS back panel
  Window Material   Clear acrylic
  (Power and Relay Output
  Pigtail leads via conduit box
  Mounting   Surface mount. See Mechanical Section.



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