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Mighty-5 large-digit LED display with 5-inch digit height

Long viewing distances, indoors or outdoors

  • Choice of three digit heights: 1", 2", 5"
  • Choice of 4-1/2, 5 or 6 digit displays (1,9999; 99,999; 999,999).
  • Choice of two display technologies: indoor LED or outdoor LED
  • Wide choice of signal inputs: serial data or from transducers.
  • Housing for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Optional outputs for communications and control.

Large digit displays by Electro-Numerics can be read indoors across a plant floor or outdoors across a trucking yard. They can display a reading from a wide range of industrial analog or pulse-output transducers, or they can be large-digit serial-input "scoreboard" displays, which display serial ASCII data  from a computer, PLC, weighing stale, or instrument. Typical industrial analog sources would be transducers, 0-10 V signal conditioners, or 4-20 mA transmitters, whose reading can be scaled for display in appropriate engineering units, such as LBS or PSI. Typical digital sources, primarily used for counting and timing applications, would be contact closures, proximity switches, or magnetic pickups.

Available for indoor or outdoor use.  Models Mighty-1, Mighty-1C, PI 700 & PI 800 use indoor LED digits, while the Micro Series Mighty-5, Mighty-5C use ultra-bright LED digits readable in bright sunlight. The latter are recommended for indoor or outdoor use. All large digit displays by Electro-Numerics are environmentally protected against dust and are splash-proof. The Micro "Mighty-5" Series is designed to NEMA-4X standards for outdoor applications.

Digit heights from 1" to 9".  A rule of thumb is that maximum viewing distance in feet is 40 times the digit height in inches, or in metric terms, that maximum viewing distance in meters is digit height in millimeters divided by 2.

Selecting your model.  Use the Quick Selection Guide below to select the Electro-Numerics large digit display model that will best meet your needs, then click on the model number.

Quick Selection Guide

PI Series large-digit LED display

PI Series2" high LED digits. Available for process current, process voltage, or basic counting.


Display Function
& Signal Type

Digit Height

No. of Digits


2 4  6 
PI 700 Process: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA. LDD LDD   LED
PI 800 Process: 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, 1-10V. LDD LDD   LED

Mighty-5 large-digit LED display with 5-inch digit height

Micro "Mighty" SeriesAvailable with 1" indoor LEDs or 5" high ultra-bright outdoor LEDs (dimmable for use indoors). Available with signal conditioning for a wide range of analog or digital inputs, or as serially-driven remote displays. Choice of output options for control and communications via RS232 or RS485. For information on the 1" and 5" large-digit versions, visit our Mighty-1 and Mighty-5 pages, respectively. For capabilities by application, click on the links in the table below.


Display Function
& Signal Type





1" 5" Ind out 5 6
Mighty-DC DC Volts, mV, Amps, mA. LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD   LED
Mighty-AC AC RMS Volts, mV, Amps, mA. LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD   LED
Mighty-E Process Display for 0-1 mA, 4-20 mA or 0-10 V process signals. LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD   LED
Mighty-A Analog Input Totalizer for 0-1 mA, 4-20 mA, or 0-10 V process signals. LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-SG Strain Gauge signals, full scale down to 200 mV. LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD   LED
Mighty-LC Load Cell & Microvolt signals, full scale from 20 mV to 200 mV. LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD   LED
Mighty-S Scale / Weight display, full scale from 20 mV to 200 mV. LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD LED
Mighty-TC Thermocouples (7 types) & RTDs (2 types). LDD LDD LDD LDD LDD   LED
Mighty-C1 Frequency & Rate display for pulse rates from 0.005 Hz to 1 MHz. LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-C2 Period display (inverse of frequency) for pulse rates from 0.005 Hz to 1 MHz. LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-C3 Counter / Totalizer for pulse rates to 1 MHz. LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-C4 Time Interval Display for periodic events from 1 s to 199.99 s. LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-C5 Stopwatch Timer for single-events from 1 s to 999,999 hrs. LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-C6 Phase Angle Meter with resolution to 0.01. LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-C7 Arithmetic Function Meter (+, -, /, x) for sum, difference, ratio or product of rates or totals from two channels LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED
Mighty-Q Quadrature Meter for precise scalable position or rate from shaft encoder signals LDD LDD LDD LDD   LDD LED

Highlights by Series

PI Series

Economical large-digit displays with 2" (57 mm) high LED digits with four times the viewing distance of 0.56" (14.2 mm) LED digits found in most 1/8 DIN panel meters. Available as a scalable 4 digit (display to 19,999) process meter for current loop signals such as 4-20 mA, as a scalable 4 digit process meter for voltage signals such as 0-10 V. Options include special scaling and 230 Vac display power. The flanged, relatively shallow housing allows three mounting methods: thru-panel mounting, raised surface mounting, and flush surface mounting. For details, please see PI Series Dimensions & Mounting.

Micro "Mighty" Series

The Mighty-1 and Mighty-5 are 1" and 5" large-digit versions of Electro-Numerics' popular Micro Series programmable digital panel meters, counters, timers and serially driven remote displays. The Micro Series provides unmatched flexibility by combining a wide choice of signal conditioning boards, I/O boards for communications and control, and microprocessor boards with advanced firmware to solve application problems. The only significant differences between different-sized members of the Micro Series are the display size, housing size, and power supply.

The Mighty-5 stands out with 5" high digits made up of ultra-bright, discrete LEDs, plus an environmentally sealed NEMA-4X housing. Mighty-5 displays can be viewed in bright sunlight and installed outdoors. The display is dimmable for use indoors.

Micro Series Documentation

Micro Series Pricing

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