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About Electro-Numerics, Inc.

Micro Series 1/8 DIN digital counter

Electro-Numerics was founded in 1974 in Irvine, CA, as one of the world's first manufacturers of digital panel meters. Thousands of our original meters are still operating around the clock and around the world. In 1991, we moved to our current location in Temecula, CA. Since that time, we have expanded our digital meter line to be one of the broadest in the industry, from low-cost LCD readouts to our Micro Series of high-performance, programmable meters, controllers, counters and timers. We have also become a preeminent supplier of large-digit industrial displays and sports timing equipment, with digit heights up to 9". In 2000, we acquired CRA Enterprises, designers and manufacturers of custom magnetic components. CRA is now operated as the Magnetic Components Division of Electro-Numerics.

Mighty-5 five-inch large digit LED display Large-digt flip-digit numeric readout

Dedicated to Serving our Customers

At Electro-Numerics, service is as important as the product. Our highly-trained Applications Engineers stand ready to assist you with your application problems and in specifying the product that will best meet your needs. They are also available as needed for ongoing post-sales technical support. Our dedicated Customer Service personnel will assure that all aspects of your transactions run smoothly. Phone Electro-Numerics toll-free at 800-854-8530 (North America) or at 951-699-2437 (7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., PST).

Advanced Design and Manufacturing

Electro-Numerics products are designed to the highest performance and reliability standards. Many of our engineers have spent their working lives perfecting our current line of products. Our modern plant in Temecula, California, is equipped to handle production from short runs to high-volume, so that we can ship quality products on time regardless of quantity. Our combined strength in design and  manufacturing make us very competitive in the area of custom products, in particular custom magnetic components.

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