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Micro-S digital panel meter for load cell and scale meter application

Three new models have been added to the Micro Series with features often desired when using meters in a scale meter or weighing mode.

The Micro-S is housed in the same standard 1/8 DIN panel mount case used for the Micro-P and Micro-C. Model Mighty-1S features high brightness 1" LED digits and is housed in a rugged aluminum panel mount case. Model Mighty-5S with 5" LED digits is legible at up to 200 feet outdoors or indoors.
New features:
1. Display count by 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100. This feature is useful to prevent "jitter" of the displayed weight due to scale platform movement.
2. Control of Zero Width with an auto zero selection from 1 to 9 counts.
3. Viewing of either Net or Gross weight with a front panel LED indicator lamp showing which item is being viewed.
4. Setpoint Control with "dribble factor" allowing the setpoints to activate at a specified amount above or below the setpoint. This feature is often used when filling containers by weight to allow for fill material that is added after the setpoint due to overshoot or mechanical reaction time.
5. Tare Control to compensate for the weight of containers holding the items to be weighed. With an external control switch or entered manually from the menu, the TARE value is subtracted from the gross weight value to become the net value. This TARE function is different from other Micro Series meters in that an Offset value (different from the TARE value) may be entered. This Offset value is subtracted from each meter reading. In addition, TARE may be selected in the menu as a Digital Control Input with the tare value stored in EEPROM.
6. Dummy Zero selection is provided that shifts the five active digits left and allows the meter to display up to 999,990.
All other features of the Micro-P process meters are retained, including front panel setup, digital scaling of zero and span, A/D conversions at 60 times per second and selective security lockout. For full technical information, view the Micro-P Catalog.

NEW EQUIPMENT DIGEST AWARDNew Equipment Digest award to Electro-Numerics

Electro-Numerics, Inc. has received the New Equipment Digest Excellence In Innovation Award for its Micro Series digital panel meters, electronic counters, industrial timers,and large digit scoreboard displays. These products went head-to-head with hundreds of other manufacturer’s products and were voted for by thousands of NED readers!


The Micro Series microprocessor panel meters and large digit LED displays have been improved with additional features. Following are some of the recent additions to this product line.

Micro-C, Mighty-1C and Mighty-5C:

1. We can now measure quadrature rate as well as distance. With the extended version of these products, you can now display speed as well as distance traveled when used with a quadrature encoder.
2. The Windows based setup program has been improved. This program can be used by itself as an "Owners Manual on disk" or when connected to the display by RS232 or RS485, it can be used to communicate with the displays to do actual setup and scaling. This program also allows data logging with time and date stamp. Values are logged at a rate you select and are stored in a data file that can be opened in Excel, Word or other programs. This program is provided free when RS232 or RS485 is ordered.
3. The Stopwatch mode has been improved. The Micro-C products can operate as a stopwatch to measure intervals of time using your start and stop switches. This feature is particularly useful in the Mighty-5C large 5", LED display in production environments for employee motivation, production goals etc. Time measurement to 99 hours with display in hours, minutes and seconds can be selected from the menu.
4. We can now provide Batch Relay Cards. The Micro-C displays can be operated in a "batch mode" where repetitive counting or "batches" are required. This batch card provides relay output at the "end of batch".

Micro-P, Mighty-1P and Mighty-5P:

Extended features are now provided. Like the Micro-C products, for additional cost, you can now order extended version signal conditioner cards. The extended version cards provide all of the standard features plus you may select Time Rate of Change and/or linearized scaling. In the Rate of Change mode, the meter displays the time rate of change of the signal input for example, gallons per minute increase or decrease in flow using a flow transducer. The non-linear signal input selection allows you to input 20 linearized points through the serial port, using linearization software provided.

All Micro Series Products:

1. Non-linear scaling is now easier with our improved linearization and smoothing programs which use three methods of calibration and data entry. Using your spread sheet program, you can manually enter up to 240 data points or if you know the relationship between the data points, you can enter a formula representing those points. Lastly, you can linearize the displays while actually connected to your sensor using the auto-calibration mode. These programs produce a linearized display that very accurately represents the data you supply.
2. The open collector output option has been improved. We now provide a solid-state relay card in place of the old Open Collector card. This new card will replace the Open Collector card in existing applications but offers the additional features of AC and DC switching up to 240 mA.

Electro-Numerics can now provide sensors

We are now offering a line of sensors for use with our Micro Series products. We can provide transformers, magnetic pickups, hall-effect sensors and many others. These sensors are manufactured locally and can be customized for your particular application.

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