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Custom Magnetic Components
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Custom magnetic components by CRA Division of Electro-Numerics

The Magnetic Components Division of Electro-Numerics, Inc. offers quality custom and standard magnetic components for delivery anywhere in the world. With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing magnetic components, we can offer you the quality, performance and reliability you expect from prototype through volume production.

  • Custom design & manufacturing.  We specialize in custom designed magnetic products to fit your specific needs. With one of the best engineering staffs in the business, Electro-Numerics is the number one choice as the custom magnetics supplier of some of the major corporations in the world. Our engineers will work with your company to develop the best solutions for your application. Please use our Magnetic Components Contact Form.
  • Cost-effective supplier.  Our innovative approach to manufacturing often allows us to produce at a lower price without sacrificing quality. Whether you are looking for a new product or have an existing one, you'll save with us because you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. Many of our customers came to us because we were able to manufacture an existing product at a lower price. We will attempt to beat or match any price.
  • Qualified Mil Supplier.  Mil I 45208-Mil C45662. Thermal Shock, Immersion and Seal Test per Mil Std 202. Full Vacuum Impregnation and Encapsulation. Soldering per Mil Std 2000, Mil Std 454, WS6536 plus Heliarc Welding Machine Shop.

Product Examples

Magnetic Pickups & Sensors

Magnetic pickup

Variable reluctance, Hall effect, zero speed proximity.

					Inductors, Wound Toroids

Coils, Inductors, Wound Toroids

Toroidal transformer

Your choice of sizes and ratings. Stripped and tinned, flagged by numbers, color dots, conformal coated, tested and adjusted, encapsulated.

magnetic coils inductors toroids

Air Coils

Custom air coil

Custom air coil

Any diameter, any number of turns, any gage, stripped and tinned, any lead spacing.

magnetic coils inductors toroids

Pulse & Computing Transformers

Custom transformer

Two pulse transformers

1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-position DIP, cased or molded ferrite, molyperm or iron core, any configuration, 100% tested. Scott "T" decade ratio, precision ladders, precision isolation. Accuracy to 2 ppm.

trans formers

Wall Mount Power Transformers

trans formers

1, 2, or 3-phase wall-mount power transformers, open or impregnated, up to 300 watts.

trans formers

Lamp Ballasts

Lamp ballast

Matched to unique lamp requirements.


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