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Digital Panel Meters Digital Counters
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1.  Digital Panel Meters, Counters, Timers
  • Micro Series 1/8 DIN digital counterMicro Series:  High performance, programmable digital panel meter / controllers. Wide choice of analog or pulse inputs, control outputs, and communications. Digit heights of 0.56", 1.0" or 5.0" (14.2, 25.4 or 127 mm).
  • DIN Series:  Economical LED indicators in a 1/8 DIN panel cutout.
  • Summit Series:  Economical, small-size, LCD or LED indicators.
  • ULTRA Series:  Older line of LED indicators for a 1/8 DIN panel cutout.
  • EN Series:  Older line of LED indicators for a NEMA panel cutout.
Mighty-5 five-inch large digit LED display Large-digt flip-digit numeric readout

2.  Large-digit Scoreboard Displays

  • PI Series2" (57 mm) high LED digits. For process and counter signals.
  • Flip-Digit Series:  Mechanical flip-digits from 4" to 9" (102 to 229 mm) high. For process, frequency / rate, counter, timing, and serial ASCII signals.
  • Mighty Series:  LED digits of 1" or 5" (25.4 or 127 mm) high. Wide choice of analog or pulse inputs, control outputs, and communications.

Portable race clock sports timer with tripod stand and carrying case3.  Sports Timing Raceclocks

  • LM Series Raceclocks Full-featured race clocks with electromechanical flip-digits. Digit heights of 4", 6" or 9" (102, 152 or 229 mm). Now available with CE Certification.
  • XL Series Raceclocks:  Full-featured race clocks with ultra-bright LED digits. Digit heights 4", 6" or 9" (102, 152 or 229 mm). Now available with CE Certification.
  • Mile-Marker Raceclock:  Low-cost race clock with 6" (152 mm) tall LED digits. Counts up only.
  • Printing Race Timers:  Time Machine sports timers to store and print race results.
  • Serial Remote Displays:  Scoreboard displays for a serial ASCII input from any source. Digit heights from 1" to 9".
  • Raceclock Accessories:  Tripods, carrying cases, remote controls, and more.

4.  Custom Magnetic Components

Toroidal transformer

Custom magnetic components including variable reluctance magnetic sensors, power transformers, pulse transformers, wall-plug transformers, coils, inductors, and ballasts. Let us bid on your next new magnetic component or beat the price of your existing supplier.

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